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Incompletion Log: PRSOK field

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While copying an existing incompletion procedure for the item, saving it as a new one and then modifying it, I came across the PRSOK field. Yes, I know this works hand in hand with NETWR in informing the user there is a missing pricing information.

But I was wondering:

1) can you just leave NETWR in the procedure and take out PRSOK?

2) What specifically does PRSOK do that NETWR will not cover?

I took out PRSOK and did not notice anything different in terms of messaging, screens or the like when I saved the document.


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Answers (2)

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The field PRSOK uses status group "06" which updates the the structure "VBSTT" which is for status of the sales order, related to item details(conditions).

The field NETWR uses status group "04" which does not update the status but updates teh structure the "KOMP" which is pricing.

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Hai Migoy Maldonado,

NETWR is the value and POSOK is the status.

Could you check difference in the V.02 - Incomplete documents.