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Incoming Payments with Payments Consolidation

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Here is my problem

One customer, Customer A (Accounts Receivable:411000), is in Payments Consolidation with Customer B (Accounts Receivable:467000)

Two invoices are doing: Total amount: 5000u20AC

The payments Consolidation is removed

Three invoices are doing: Total Amount: 10000u20AC

My customer has doing an incoming payment with Customer A for the 5 invoices. (2 in consolidation , 3 without consolidation)

This incoming payment has created the following journal entry:

512000 15000

411000 Customer B 10000

467000 Customer B 5000

the 411000 Customer B is wrong we want 411000 Customer A!

So we want to do an journal entry to cancel the other like that:

411000 Customer B 10000

410000 Customer A 10000

But that is impossible because 411000 is not the account receivable for Customer B

And if we want to change this account, that is impossible because journal entries were already created

We can't cancel the Incoming payments, we don't know what doing to resolve this problem.

Have you an idea to resolve that?

Thank you

Le Roch Séverine

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Severine,

in essence, what you have to do is zero the account of the 'child' BP & transfer the amounts to the parent.

In 2007 it's not a problem, because you can do multiple BP reconciliations:

Business Partner Master Data -> Internal Reconciliations -> tick Multiple BP & take it from there.

Have a look at this wiki article:

[How to offset a business partner who is simultaneously a supplier and a customer? |]

The BPs here are not consolidated, but the functionality is really the same in that BPs with different control accounts are reconciled with one another.

If you are in a version lower than 2007, you will need to reverse all transactions for the child in exactly the circumstances they were created with & then recreate them once the 'child' is appropriately set up with the 'parent'.

All the best,


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Only 2 invoices of the customer A were in Consolidation. So I don't want to tranfer all the amounts of Customer A in Customer B.

I am in SAP 2005

I just want to do a journal entry where I can use 411000 Customer B.

But the account receivable for Customer B is 467000.

I don't know how to make the change because SAP doesn't let us change the account receivable as journal entries already exist for this Business Partner.

Thank you

Séverine Le Roch

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