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Incoming EHF invoices

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We have some questions regarding incoming EHF invoices entering SAP. Currently we have an integration solution that generates three different statuses in SAP, which are the following


1. Posted PO invoice (goods receipt must have been completed due to the GR/IV flag on POs
2. Parked PO invoice (goods receipt has not been completed or there are additional items on the invoice that must be posted manually, e.g. shipping, pallet cost, etc.). On these invoices, the PO number is not included in the SAP standard field as it is not stored in the Purchase order field unless goods receipt has been done, so we put it in "notes" so that they can manually enter it after the GR has been carried out. This results in the invoice only containing header info when it enters SAP, no lines.
3. Parked FI invoice – all FI invoices come in as parked and must be posted manually in SAP. We only get header information into SAP and the rest can be posted manually by checking the PDF attached in SAP.

The problem is that it is not a requirement that the supplier send an invoice with attachment/PDF, and when the invoices enter SAP as above, with only header information (except on fully matched PO invoices then) it becomes problematic to know how to post the invoices when they have no attachment to look at. We receive complete information from the supplier, but right now the integration is not set up so that the information can be entered automatically into some fields in SAP, as the basic idea of the solution was that accounting would take place in SAP.  One way to manage this is to make our integration create own PDFs based on the information provided electronically, but it would be better if it could be solved in a nicer way since this would result in manual work. 
We are interested in getting to know any SAP standard/best practises for EHF management or any recommendation or experience. Appreciate all answers 
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Hi Camis, Can you give a high overview how do you have integration setup?

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