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Inbound IDOC getting wrong material from the AUSP table

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Hello, I'm encountering an issue with my inbound IDOC. Its source of material is from the table AUSP.

Unfortunately, the Material A which we will name Isopropyl Alcohol and Material B which is an Ethyl Alcohol, they have the same AUSP-ATWRT value. Is there a way to fix the duplicate value of AUSP-ATWRT so I can display the correct material on my IDOC?

The IDOC should be displaying Isopropyl Alcohol, but it is displaying Ethyl Alcohol because the value of AUSP-ATWRT causes confusion on mapping the correct material.

If the mapping of IDOC material is using the AUSP-ATWRT, why is is getting the Ethyl Alcohol instead of Isopropyl which is first object in the AUSP table?

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AUSP-ATWRT = characteristic value for given characteristic (AUSP-ATINN) and given object (material in your case / AUSP-OBJEK).

Why do you say it's duplicate? I guess you are not joining the right tables to obtain the data you want.

Please explain the exact requirement, and we'll tell you the algorithm.

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Have you correctly identified the keys that you choose to query the data with?