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Inbound Delivery-

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We have made the PO for 100 pc's

we have made the IBD for 100 pc's

Now 50 pc's out of this has got rejected, we have send the same to vendor.

After repair we got 50 pc's back, Po is open for 50 pc's, but IBD is showing 0, ie, that is no oepn qty for IBD,

Now can we make the IBD for the same (as we are using the IBD as gate entry for our WERKS)


Niti Narayan

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the replay

But in our case with the rejection, system is not updating the IBD record

Is their any Oasis which can be help


NIti Narayan

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The scenario could be like this:

1. PO --> 100 pcs

2. Inbound Delivery --> 100pcs

3. GR refer to Inbound Delivery for 100 pcs

4. Reject and return back to vendor 50 pcs

5. Create Inbound Delivery for 50 pcs for repaired good or subtitution

6. GR refer to Inbound 50 pcs



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Create A PO of 100PCS

Create Inbound delivery for 100PCs

Create Goods Receipt for 100PCs(if material is quality inspection material)

Check PO, Go to PO item level -Confirmation tabhere system will show Inbound delivery, with Qty, if GR is done for full qty then Qty reduced tab also show you GR qty) based on this you will guess Inbound delivery still open or not.

If your Material is qulaity inspected material, then you have rejected the material bcz of poor quality, then system will updates the Inbound delivery automaticaly. and make the delivery open.

Mahesh Naik