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Inbound delivery:

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Please explain the process of Inbound delivery for a purchase order.

How can I see the delivery document type EL when I create a Goods Reciept for a purchase order.

Also tell mw where do I get the control setting of the purchase orders.



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Hi there,

Consider an example where you have an order OR raised against a plant ABC with item xxx, item catg TAS. TAS items have to externally procured. In such case, after the order is logged, a PR is raised which will convert into a PO for example UB. UB PO will have NL delivery assigned to it. There willnot be a sales order but deliveries are created by T-code VL10B. When a NL delivery is PGI'ed, GR (goods receipt) is done in ABC plant. Only then stock will be available in ABC.

Stock will fulfill the delivery LF for OR.