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Inactive BOM still can create Production Order

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we can still do CO01 and CO41 and save it to create a production order even the BOM was been inactive already, and the material we use has Selection Method in MRP4 set as 3 = Selection only by production version.

but as we check the PO 100021563 it is master data tab we see it pick production version ACA, which has BOM alternative 1 (status 02 already) this is inactive so it must not pick by the production order this production version. the active alternative BOM is 4 today and in the MRP4 its production version is ACD this is valid for us for the material to be produce a PO.

how it happen when we create the PO 100021563 pick inactive alt bom by means of picking a production version ACA? please help us for this one how could we limit this material when doing CO01 or CO41 will not pick production version with alt BOm inactive already.



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Best way you can lock the production version for Inactive BOM in material master production version in MRP4 view . So system will not pick up this BOM.

You can have the BOM Status with the Table filed - STKO-STLST

Also check the customize transaction, OS23



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Hello R.Brahamankar,

Yeah, i know i can lock this production version, but what is the assurance that next time when we do CO01 or CO41 i wont pick the next PV that has inactive BOM in our sample material it has three alternative bom which is has each PV that are now inactive?

is there any set-up that can be made to the material itself beside setting lock PV and selection method?

thanks your kind to me.

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make BOM satus inactive this will work out


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those three production version has also three alternative bom which is already inactive, the remaining PV4 is the one with new and active alternative bom, but in our case when doing production order SAP pick PV1 which has already inactive bom in it. we expect PV4 will be the one to pick to have an Order, but when PV1,PV2, and PV3 this will not allowed any production order to be create since it enclose ALT BOM was in status 02.

and also does in MRP4, under the selection method, INDIVIDUAL/COLL can affect the selection of production version when creating order? what does the following works:

blank = ?

1 = individuals requirements only

2 = collective requirements only


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