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In Vendor Rebate process, is the price of rebate indicated in PO or only at the time of settlement ?

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In the vendor rebate process, with the below-mentioned process flow

1. XK02 - Changing a Vendor Master Record (Activate "Subsequent Settlement" and "Sebseq. sett. index" in Purchasing view) 2. MEB1 - Creating a Rebate Arrangement

3. ME21N - Creating a Purchase Order

4. MIGO - Processing the Goods Receipt for the Purchase Order

5. MIRO - Processing the Incoming Invoice on the Basis of a Purchase Order

6. MEB4 - Creating an Interim Settlement

7. MEU2 - Creating a Business Volume Comparison

8. MEB2 - Creating a Final Settlement

Can we see the price of rebate at step no 3 or at step no 8?

Thanks in advance


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