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hi frnds

.while creating shipping, 6 things have to happen. Like 2.picking 3.packing 4.PGI 5.transfer order 6.shipment document creation. Out of this 6 things what are the 2 mandatory things?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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"Creation of a Delivery document" and "Posting Goods Issue" are two mandatory functions in Shipping process.

Once you create a Delivery document , then only you have started your Shipping process, so it is a mandatory function.

Other sub-processes like Picking , Packing, Transportation Planning etc. are not required for some material/ sales process, so they are optional activities.

When you are delivering something (going out of the organisation) , it should be automatically updated/reflected in related or integrated area like FI,MM etc.

When you do PGI, it is updated everywhere in the ingrated departments. Your Shipping process is completed only if you have completed PGI,otherwise you can not create a Billing document.

Therefore, PGI is the another mandatory activities in Shipping process.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Only Delivery and PGI are mandatory. All others are optional.


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Dear Santosh,

Out of this 6 things what are the 2 mandatory things?

Three are the mandatory things

-->Delivery creation


-->PGI are the mandatory things in the shipping

The remaining three are the optinal those will be happen based on the business process requirement

If the packing is available in the business process packing will be there

If the wearhouse manage ment activated Transfer oredr need to be created to pick the goods.

If Transportation is activated Shipment document need to be created.

I hope it will help you,



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Only PGI is mandatory.

Rest all are optional activities.

You can surpress picking by modifying your Item category.

Packing always is optional.

For transfer order, you need to activate Warehouse Mgt. If have done that then Transfer/Picking Order is mandatory, other ways its optional.

For shipment, you have to activate that and use other ways its optional.

Take care. JP