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In process inspection

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Hi All,

We have a mill product that is having 6 operations. After completion of 3rd operation quality inspection is carried out. There may be some rejections in this inspection. Think we have confirmed 10 nos in operation 10,20.

In 30 operation, QM has rejected 2 qty. So in confirmation of operation 40 there should be 8 nos available for production cionfirmation.

How to map this scenario in standard configurations.



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Answers (1)

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Dear after operation 3 If you want the material to be posted to inspection stock, then semi finished material has to be produced

after step 3, and the routing should have only three steps. So, final confirmation from production order can be made and stock

posting to inspection stock is possible then for operation 4,5,6 create a routing with final item code.

Check and Revert.