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In idoc message ORDRSP, what are the values for the field E1EDK01-ACTION?

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Does anyone know the different values and what they mean for the field E1EDK01-ACTION in the idoc message ORDRSP? How/where do they get set?

Thanks for any help!

Joy Mills

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The values for E1EDK01-ACTION gets set within the IDoc function module


For ORDRSP scenario only action = '004' and '000' are relevant.

For documentation of all possible values for E1EDK01-ACTION check transaction WE60.

Permitted values for E1EDK01-action field:

'' Initial: This field is not used in the message

'000' No particular action required

'001' Reverse entire document

'002' Changes in document header

'003' Changes in one or more items

'004' Changes in header and items

'005' Credit memo display /ERS method

'006' Retroactive price change/clearing invoice

'007' Non-valuated goods receipt

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Hello Naresh,

Thanks you SO much. That is exactly what I needed!!


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