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In Capacity planning table CM25 Sales order number last digit got truncated

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Hi Experts,In Capacity planning table CM25 transaction we have an issue as last digit of sales order number is getting truncated in respective column. Could you please help me on this ? Is there any space restrictions or How to extend the characteristics length ?

Please support it is urgent.


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Hi Experts,

Could you please provide suggestions on this ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Anand, please use CY38 for that, select the profile you are using and modify the columns length for each field.

Kind Regards

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Hi Xavier,

Can you provide sample screen of the data.


Mahesh kumar.

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You need to find the Layout Key you are using from the Layout ID node, then go to CY38 and modify the layout.

In CY38 you can also add more digits and add more fields from different tables and maintain in different languages.

Thanks and Kind Regards

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