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In 922 Storage type!!!

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Dear Friends,

In LU04, posting change occuring for the material from Quality to Un-Restricted stock, for this transfer order are creating correctly.

But, some material we transfering the Un-restricted to Sales order stock, for this transfer order are not creating...we are getting the error of "Select at least one storage type first"

& Message no. L3284.

Moreover, in LX02 transaction with 922 storage Type, i am getting the dispaly of each material in two times:


Material Stock Category Storage Type Storage Bin Available Stock

130000094981 922 TR-ZONE 1,912.00

130000094981 Q 922 TR-ZONE 1,912.00 -

with the difference of stock category & Available stock in negative with two times....

Please share ur ideas...

From sas...

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check in the storage type search table via OMLY whether you have maintained the entry for WH # - (E or A ) - Special stock E - storage type ( im assuming the stock is sales order stock )

The LX02 view that you are seeing is typical indication that the the IM posting change was done but the system was unable to find the corresponding entry / settings in WM to carry out the posting here.

Per SAP -

During the posting change, the system creates a negative quant in the interim storage area for the issuing material quantity,or the changed material quantity in its state before the posting change. At the

same time, it creates a positive quant for the receiving material quantity, or the changed material quantity in it state after the posting change. The negative quant is a construction used by the system to reflect the fact that Inventory Management has posted a change that has not yet been carried out in Warehouse Management.

Hope this helps


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Dear Abhijit,

Thanks for ur reply.I totaly agreed with ur statement.But, i following this steps only:

1) In MB1B, with 412(E) mvt.type we transfer the material from Unrestricted to Sales order stock..(Inventory over)

2) In LU04, we create the Transfer Order with respect of the above Posting Change Number..

3) Then we Confirming the Transfer Order too...

Then, why system showing that Inventory process over & WM activities are not done..

In OMLY also, i manitained for sales order stock(E) search too...

I am waiting for ur reply...

From sas..

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Please note folowing things.

1.Storage type where sales order stock is managed need to be exist in WM master data.

2.Storage type should be available in storage type search

3.Storage type indicator should be specified for the material as well as in storage type search

4.Storage type should have bins.

If this all in place system should create TO without any error.



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Dear Friends,

can i get any othe response!!!

From sas..

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When processing the posting change notice via LU04, did you use Foreground or Background?

If you were using Background mode, try create the TO in Foreground which should give you a chance to select storage type from which you want to select the material to convert. You can also get some clue regarding the strategy used to search the storage type/bin (check the bin search log function via the Environment menu).

Hope it helps.


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Hi Team,

That time, we have to use LU04 - Display PCN >>Select Open PCN >> Top Side - Create Transfer Order (Tab) >> Transfer Order will be Created & Confirm TO by LT12.

It will be helpful to solve issue.


Ganesh Bhosale, INDIA +91-8308529080

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