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Important Std conditons in Prcing -MM

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Basic level important standard SAP conditons in pricing - MM is ??

I think aroubnd 14 or 15 conditions are there can some body give me with tohes conditions with description??


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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go to spro: MM > purchasing > conidtions > define price determination process > define calculation schema

check procedure RM000(Domestic), IMP000(for import). These are standard procedures. you can change as per your requirement.

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hii thanks

For example we are purchasing the material from other countries ??

For the above import scenario, what are the conditions should be using minium level , because all know import in india means its same .

So sombody can explain me .

With some conditions ??

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IMP000 maintains all possible conditions type for india import process. custom conditons are maintained as planned delivery costs

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Can u explain me the import purchasing procedure ?/

Step by steps??

Like i want to procure material from othere country ? what is the steps from PO ??

Pls ex[plain without links



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You can find standard condition types of imports pricing procedure JIMPOR in M/08

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1. Create vendor master with respective currency(Schema group should be different from other vendors)

2. Create Material Master with required material type,If you procure same material locally,then go for split valuation.

3. Create customized customized condition types for imports which is derived from schema group,

Here custom duty & it cess's will not be taken credit,Hence it should be inventorised while posting GR.

4. If u pay customs duty,then configure it for customs miro & also for referring customs miro in migo.

5. Customized seperate output type for printing import purchase order.

6. Maintain material chapter id in J1ID.

Transaction flow is

1. Create import purchase order,maintain exchange rate in OB08,(For EUR Currency,Exchange rate should be maintained for exchange rate type "EURX",for other currencies "M" Type)

2. After getting customs duty break up from customs vendor,Enter customs % in required condition types in purchse order.

3. In condition types details maintain different vendor if u pay customs duty thru customs vendor.

4. Do customs miro,Change currency to INR,refer purchase order in it,enter quantity,values from working sheet as it is,

select zero tax code.

5.Save customs miro,Accounting Entries - Vendor A/C Dr to Customs Clearing a/c,Cenvat clearing a/c

6.DO MIGO,enter purchase order no,systems prompts for commerical inv. no. & year,enter it,

Enter quantity,material batch(if configured),tick ok,check excise duties in excise invoice tab,Enter excise invoice no. & date,

Also enter delivery note no,bill of lading no.,Save it.

Accounting entries may be

Stock a/c Dr to gr/ir,Customs clearing a/c

7.Do MIRO(foreign currency) referring to purchase order.

GR/IR Dr to foreign vendor a/c

Hope it clarifies.

Additionally links will help you

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