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Import procedure

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Hi All,

Can someone please tell me how to decide what import procedure is to be maintained in the purchase info record. How is this decided?

Who on the business side should know about this? is it the purchaser or someone from finance?

Please help. We need to migrate PIR but I have no clue what values to be maintained or created for import procedure....



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Answers (4)

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its better to look for a person who handels the duty part of the import process , which is more inportant in imports

that person can give you clear idea , or better ask the core team members of Client side to look for someone who can give you better idea on this

usually although after defining the duty rates , some time we need to change the values of the duties manually .

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What is the import procedure in your organization. Depending on the same you will decide what to be maintained in PIR.

If it is condition records(Basic Custom Duty, Additional Custom Duty ..... you could also maintain in MEK1, MEk2 depending on your pricing procedure)



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Purchaser will be knowing it as he is the one responsible for it. and all the conditions required should be collected and a pricing procedure has be created in sap and assign this to the purchase organization and import vendor in SAP then created PO with the conditions. and follow the Import procurement scenario and complete the cycle.

You can maintain these values in Info record or it will get updated once one cycle is completed and from next PO onwards it will pick up the values from previous po automatically.


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the import procedure is used in foreigh trade views of purchase order.

and from here it is going to the trade reports like INTRASTAT which is a European trade report.

often legal reporting is done from finance people, but not everywhere. so you need to ask around in your company if this is done form a purchasing, foreign trade department (if exist) or from finance.