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Import of CoA

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Hi All,

What is the procedure to upload the Chart of Accounts using DTW along with the Segmentations.

How can we do it.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Sandy,

When importing segmented accounts you should only use FormatCode

not Code.

In my example below, we create a title account MyTitle and we set the

FatherAccountKey to 100000000000000 which corresponds to the Assets

drawer so MyTitle will appear as a title account in the Assets drawer.

We have set ActiveAccount to tNO which indicates this is a title


We then create an Active Account called MyActive which has four


In Business One it would look at follows 111110000-10-01-01 but

when importing it via the DTW we only need to import the digits

since the seperators will be automatically inserted.

We then need to decide where the account will be inserted so by

specifying MyActive in the FatherAccountKey column it will appear under

this title account





For more information on these please refer to the NOTES 861058, 888905 and 675960 for more details.

Hope this helps.


Gagan Thareja

SAP Business One Forums Team

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Hi Gagan,

The Information provide by you I to know.

I prepared the total template of CoA for DTW

My question is I am using segmentations should I Import the segmentations through DTW. if so How can I do that. In my CoA template I am no where providing the segmentations so how can I do it.

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Please check this wiki

Thank you


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You may not need to DTW the segmentation because there only maximum 9 levels of them need to be defined. However, if you do have many records need to DTW, you may use oAccountSegmentations and oAccountSegmentationCategories to upload.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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