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Import multiple items from xml

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I have a - probably basic question.

I have installed the integration framework and for my first scenario, im trying to import new items from an XML into SAP Business one.

These items have an unknown itemcode (the last number used + 1).

In my XML, multiple items are defined, with a description and some extra fields.

Is it possible to import all the items in this XML in one run? And if yes, what does my atom look like?

Do i have to use a <xsl:for-each> ?

Or what is the exact syntax?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards and allready the best wishes.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For outbound processing you can use the following.

From the Help on Outbound Processing

1.2 Multiple Single Messages Processing

If you process multiple items, you usually want to hand them over to the receiver system as multiple single items. Indicate multiple single messaging with the root tag <b1im_multimsg> and the tag <b1im_msg> for each single message. The integration framework supports this for system types SAP Business One, Database and File System.

<!-- batch processing for multiple message outbound -->


     <xsl:for-each select="$msg/… ">

          <!-- processing for a single item -->


               ... <!-- outbound schema for item master data -->         




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