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implementation questions

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Hi gurus:

I have completed my implementation just now

What questions i would come across if i join a new company?

Can anyone guide me like what various questions i would be asked?

Like for any one who has completed implementation what would be the questions...

please help me out

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ram,

The queustions may be in this way,

1) What's your role in your previous project.

2) Did you find any gaps if so what are they.

3) What are the value additions you gave to the client.

4) Which methodology you used to upload the master data.

5) What is your system landscape.

6) How many pricing procedures you maintained.

7) Have u worked on userexits, routines, and ALE, IDOCS.

😎 How big your team size is.

9) Any workshops conducted by you on the business process


10) How you gather the requirements from the client.

11) what is the software used by your client before SAP and did you maintained any interface between their old software and SAP.

12) How many days you gave end user training.

these kind of questions you may face in the interview.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Raghu,

The questiones will be based on your resume,what are the activities you have mentioned in your resume based on those they will ask, but general questions are

-->What is your role and responsabilities in that implementation.

-->What are configurations you have done and they may ask depth in those configurations

-->What was your land scape

-->What methodology you have adapted in your implementation

-->How many days it was taken

-->What are the new developments you have involved

-->What was your team size

-->What is Org structure

-->What is blue print what contents you have mentioned in blue print

-->what is the busiiness process of your client

-->How you trained the end users

.....etc these type of questions you may face

I hope it will help you



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I will suggest you to visit It will give you the overview of SAP SD module.

Moreover there is a separate section of FAQs with answers which will help you in great deal.

Hope this helps you.