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Impairment of Asset

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Hi All,

My Client want to perform the impairment, I have configured the below as a prerequisite

  1. Tcode OABW ( I have checked the Depreciation 01 as the RevlAPC)
  2. Tcode AO84 ( I have created the transaction type)
  • Transaction group 84 and 85 for 2 TType (TT 84 for Impairment loss Prior year and TT 85 for impairment loss current year)
  • checked credit transaction
  • Consolidated transaction type 170 and 120 (170 for TT 84 and 120 for TT85)
  • I posted the ABAW (Impairment transaction for TT 84 for $10 )

The planned values for the Impairment depreciation $1.02, After the ran the AFAB, The entry got posted as below.

Now my client want the net of the above should be debited to the revaluation GL account.

My client also want this to be calculated in the current year.

Can anyone please tell me how to achieve the above ?

Thank you in advance.


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