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Impact of two times MRP Run for the same material on a same date

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Hi Experts,

Demand is uploaded for a Finished Material on date and MRP is Run using MD01N for that material. Procurement and Production Proposals are generated for the FG, SFG and Raw Materials accordingly.

Planned Orders are converted into Production Orders and Purchase Requisitions are converted into Purchase Orders.

Eg. FG Material AEXXXX - Qty 30 Nos - Demand on 17.03.2023

For the same material, Demand is uploaded again for a different quantity on the same date 17.03.2023 and MRP is Run using MD01N for this material.

What will happen to the previous proposals and how proposals will be generated based on the new requirement.

Can someone elaborate this scenario in a detailed manner.

Thanks in advance.


R Vijayakumar

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Answers (2)

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Yes agreed with the answer, MRP will adjust the plan and calculate shortage and generate procurement proposal.

If your previous planned order converted to production order then for 2nd demand planned order generated.


Best Regards

Sunil Patil

Active Contributor
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Hello vijshiva

The 2nd MRP run will try to adjust your supply plan to the new demand situation. If you just increase PIR quantity and your planned orders are already converted to production orders, then MRP will create new planned orders to cover increased demand.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski