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Impact of Material quantity in MRP

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Hi Team,

Could anyone explain how MRP Run will handle a material for which Material quantity Calculation is assigned.

Will MRP will determine required qty based on MQC or Not for the components.


Dinesh Kumar

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Greetings for the day.

If MQC run is not considered in MRP run, then we may face a qty shortage in process order execution know.

For e.g.,

"Material A" with BOM component as "Component B" of qty 2 nos.

MQC for "Material A" is defined in such a way that "Component B" of qty 10 nos (formula 2 nos * 5 = 10 nos).

As suggest, If MRP run is not considering MQC means, it will propose a MRP PR for 2 nos only. But shop-floor actually requires/consumes "Component B" of 10 nos to produce Material A.

How this GAP is filled by SAP ?


Dinesh V.