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Hi Everybody

Right now i am in a core team member from QM Module..I have no idea releated IMG.Please anybody give me brief idea about IMG.what is IMG and What is the role of IMG in SAP.


your friend

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IMG stands for Implementation Guide.

The SAP Reference IMG contains the full functionality of all possible Customizing settings across all countries and application components.

It is structured hierarchically according to the R/3 component hierarchy. All Customizing activities are assigned to one or more components.

You choose the functions that you want to implement in your company from the R/3 application components. This results in individual Customizing projects for implementing the R/3 System in your company.

You can display the Implementation Guide in various forms:

As the SAP Reference IMG

To display the SAP Reference IMG, choose Tools -

> Customizing ---> IMG ---> Execute Project or Project Administration in the SAP menu


Goto ---> Display SAP Reference IMG or choose the Display SAP Reference IMG pushbutton.

As a Project IMG

There are two ways to display a Project IMG:

From Perform project

Select the project you want to display in your Customizing worklist, and choose Display project below the list.

From project management

Select the project which you want to display, in the project overview, and choose Project ---> Display or choose Display Project below the project overview.

The project management data is displayed on tabs.

Choose Goto ---> Project IMG or the Display Project IMG pushbutton.


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Thank you ....

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Hi Bhavik,

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Dear Bhavik,

Please use T-Code QCC0 for QM related Guide & settings & T-Code 'SPRO' can be use for complete settings & guide. There is a step by step guide is available along with the setting / Execution icon.

Hope you will do it all in Training server.


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IMG stands for Implementation Guide. The IMG structure contains documentation and activity texts for the Implementation Guide, which is used to customize SAP software.

see this link


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IMG is implementation Guideline, it will provide step by step implementation procedure for all modules.



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Thank you for your guidance..