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IMG activity " setting up clients"

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Hi folks,

Can somebody help me in understanding the IMG activity "Setting up Clients" in QM basic settings

I have gone through the documentation but could not clear



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As explained by Keerthi, all standard settings are placed in order. This should be the first activity when you get a raw client (one should not repeat again)

If clients requirements are straignt forward, no complications & it is possible to fit all requirement with standard SAP then by just " setting up clients" you may not require to touch any other configuration items.


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Hi Atul / Keerthi,

Thanks for the prompt reply

I understand the basic settings will copied from client "000" to required client. I have few more doubts on the same

1) Does client "000" exists by default in all servers ( PROD / DEV) ?

2) Is it the role of a QM guy or Basis guy to copy this settings from standard client to the required client.

3) Can this setting be copied similarly in the production system as well? If so, what is the complexity?



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Dear Sravan

How is your system landscape ?

Generally it is IDES, Golden Client, Quality & Production

Business Blue Print is freezed after conducting feasibility study in IDES.

Golden client is used to configure the final setting therefore "Settingup Client" done at Golden Client only. When Quality or Production is created, basic settings gets copied. Ideally you are not suppose to tough configuration in rest of the clients other than golden client.

Means whatever config you are expeting ends at Golden Client and it is been moved to other clients through Transport Requests.

Hope this gives you clear idea.



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Thanks Atul

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Sravan,

This configuration will be done for the first time in case of Realization phase of implem. project.

It is will be used to copy the basic configuration settings (catalogs, no.ranges etc.,) inorder to carry out the business transactions.

As mentioned in the help, the following below basis settings will be copied. All these settings will not be available for the new server before the execution of this setting.

QCCC All standard settings like

With catalogs

With standard texts

Without number ranges

Without sampling systems

Without tolerance keys

Without forms

QCCP Standard settings for quality planning

QCCW Standard settings for quality inspections

QCCZ Standard settings for quality certificates

QCCM Standard settings for quality notifications With notification-related catalogs

QCCU Standard settings for the QM environment

QCCK Catalog entries; examples

QCCT Standard texts

QCCF Forms

QCCS Sampling systems

QCCY Tolerance keys

QCCN Number ranges for the following-

Inspection characteristics and Inspection methods

Control charts

Inspection plans and reference operation sets

Inspection lots

Physical samples and physical-sample drawing

Condition records for certificate profile determination

Characteristic confirmation numbers

Quality notifications