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IM Labels on SAPM07DR by OMCF form - How to get quanitite per label

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Hi All

I am creation a Label in a form at OMCF using program SAPM07DR to print to be used at production declaration.

Labels are splitted by MSEG-WEANZ.that comes from Material Master config.

The only problem I am facing is the quantity per label.

Example I declare 1200 of a material that has quantity = 500 at material master.

Then I am getting 3 labels (what is normal), but I am not find what is the field that must be used to get the quantities (500, 500, 200) in the labels. All fields I tried always print 1200 in the 3 labels.

Anyone knows the correct field for quantitie per label?

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Answers (2)

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As of my knowledge, system wont directly store the quantity per label (like 500, 500 & 200 in your example) in DB. Probably you can calculate the quantity per label based on the field maintained in OMCF, material master and the number of slips MSEG-WEANZ. Refer the exampe in the help doc:

Also check the "Labels" section in the wiki:



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You can use the following fields,

MSEG - ERFMG (Quantity in Unit of Entry)

MSEG - MENGE (Quantity)

MSEG - BPMNG (Quantity in PO Price Unit)