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IDOC Sales process

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Hi ABAPers

I am new to IDOC i want to send sales order to IDOC

i created Sales order how we can able to send that to IDOC and tell me the config process also step-by-step with screen shots



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If you wanted to send the Sales Order to IDOC, then you can use the below process:-

1. You have an existing standard output type BA00

2. Create a partner profile in We20 transaction under customer with partner role as SP

3. In the outbound parameters give the following :-

Message Type - ORDRSP

Basic Type - ORDERS05

Port - Give the file port what ever has been already defined in your system or ask your basis consultant to create a port for you.

Process Code - SD10

Application - V1

Message Type - BA00

All the above 3 fields will in the message control tab.

4. Once you are done with the above settings then open the sales order and goto Extras -> Output -> Header -> Edit by giving Message Type BA00, Transmission Media as 6, and in the partner give the sold to party number

5. Select that record and click further data button in the top and use 4 in the dispatch time and come back and save.

Then an idoc will be generated for the given sales order and you check the idoc in the WE02 transaction.