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IDoc ORDERS - Control Agent responsible

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Is there a way to control who will be receiving a work item based on the sales organization in IDoc type ORDERS?

We have some Customers extended to multiple sales organizations.

We would have 1 CSR per sales organization.

However, in WE20, the post processing permitted agent is Customer specific.

We are presently maintaining a position as agent type in WE20.

We assign all possible CSR's user ID to this position via PPOM.

As a result, when a work item is generated, ALL CSRs are getting a work item (evern when it does not belong to them).

How could we be more specific and, based on the sales organization inside the IDoc, only send the work item to the business workplace of the affected CSR ?

We are on ECC5

Thank you for your assistance,


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Can you not maintain the org structures a la CRM with Root Org Unit as Company code and Sales Orgs below it? Then you can assign the position CSR for those org units with users assigned to them.

Then you can try setting up Org Unit (O) as the agent type and see how it works.

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1. I created 1 org unit via PO10.

2. To which I assigned 2 positions created via PO13. To both positions, I maintained the infotype SAP Organizational Object with both SAP org. object type BUS0006, BUS0006001 and BUS0006003. The sales org value is unique to each posistion. (I.e.: Position P1 is for sales org 1111 and Position P2 for sales org 2222).

3. I assigned a unique SAP user ID to each position.

When I reprocess a faulty 850, the work item appears in each user's workplace.

My IDoc contains 1 segment E1EDK14 for sales org (QUALF = 008), for distribution channel (QUALF = 007) and for division (QUALF = 006).

What am I missing?

Note: We are not using CRM.

Thank you,

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I am only drawing a parallel to CRM. Organizational model concept evolved from there I guess. I am a SD/CRM person and not an EDI specialist.

You should have separate Org Unit for each sales Org. What I mean is your Org Model should be depicting your SAP organizational definition/assignment, that's what we do in CRM.

This is an idea and I am no expert on this subject.