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IDES ERP 2005 / open ABAP dictionary conversion during SPAM Update

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Dear all,

First of all, I'm currently busy implementing a educational enviroment for our company, we are using IDES MySAP ERP 2005 SR1 MSSQL.

At the moment we are trying to upgrade the SPAM version from version 20 to 22.

However, during the requirement checks the following error occurred :

<b>Open conversions in the data dictionary</b>

<i>Phase CHECK_REQUIREMENTS: Explanation of Errors

Some open conversion requests still exist in the ABAP Data Dictionary

for the following ABAP Dictionary objects. To avoid inconsistencies and

loss of data, you must process these conversions first.

Proceed as follows:

- Open a new session.

- Start the Database Utility (transaction SE14).

- Correct the inconsistencies for the specified objects.

- Repeat the import phase. If no more inconsistencies are found, the

import continues.

Phase CHECK_REQUIREMENTS: Open ABAP Dictionary Conversions

Object Type Object Name

Table Index LXE_WRK_4 ~ STA

SC2T327F363DFA4T ~ ESI

SC2T327F363DFA4T ~ KYS


It seems that the indexes mentioned above are missing or doesn't exist!!!! i've tried looking for a sap note or a solution on SDN. However, haven't found a solution at all, or I'm looking at the wrong spot.

Is there a note or can somebody provide me what's in the indexes, so i can create it in our IDES system.


Yam-Lang Lee

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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i think in your abap program indexes are not defined properlly.

Try to ask your developer to create a indexes in SE14 for that object and run the report(or)go to DB02 there u will find the necessary information.

i hope it will help you

kiran kumar.v

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Hi Kiran,

Thank you very much. I managed to create the first index.

However not the indexes on table SC2T327F363DFA4T. Can't find any information for the indexes for this table. Did found note 959811. There it state that de indexes were deleted. But still stuck in the check_requirements of the SPAM Update!



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Anyone who knows more about this problem!!!



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