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Identifying changes done to appproved PR

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After releasing a PR, if a user add a new line to the PR or change an existing line, is there a configuration in SAP to block converting that PR in to a PO? or at least a way for purchasing department to identify (or warn them) what changes were done to the PR after releasing?

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In my experience, PRs are normally approved at the line item level as each one can contain items that will be sourced from multiple suppliers. To release a PR line item by line item or in total is a business process decision. If release and rejection of PRs can be done in total, you can set your configuration in a couple areas to block conversion to PO.

Release Group

The PR release strategy configuration can be set to prevent an approved PR with an added line item from being converted into a PO. In the creation of the release group there is a checkbox called "OvRelPReq" that forces the PRs to be released in total and not by line item before it can be converted to a PO. Check this box.

This is the field help

Overall release of purchase requisitions

Determines that the items in a purchase requisition are all released at

the same time (rather than individually).

Release Indicator

Change the settings for the indicator that is triggered when the PR willl show as released. In the details of this indicator you will want to set the:

Changeablity = 4 - Changeable, new release in case of new strat. or val. change


Value Change = 0%

This is the value change field help

Tolerance for Value Changes During Release

Specifies the percentage by which the value of the requisition may be

increased (as a result of a change to the requisition) after the release

procedure has begun.


By specifying a percentage for changes in value, you can ensure that a

requisition cannot be changed significantly after having been released.

If the requisition is then changed, and the new value exceeds the old

value by more than the percentage entered, the system issues an error


The user can:

o Adjust the amount of the change so that the percentage value is not


The release procedure continues from its current point.

o Leave the change as it is (disregarding the system message)

The release procedure is re-started from the beginning.


The system only checks changes in the value of a requisition if the

Changeability indicator is set to "4 - Changeable, new release procedure

if strategy or value changed" for the release indicator Customizing.

Hope this helps.