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Identical dep. terms not possible in chart of depreciation AC342

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Dear all,

I was trying to do some testing and switched off the identical depreciation term flag from depr area 32 which copies from 01 in OABD.  Now when I try to put it back on I get error message AC342.  It pops up as an informational message, but SAP will not allow me to save by simply bypassing the message.

I've attempted to confirm that I've got all the same special depreciation settings for areas 01 and 32 by comparing to an unaffected environment.  Clearly I am missing something.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.


Here is the text of the message:

Identical dep. terms not possible in chart of depreciation US00

Message no. AC342


Depreciation area 32 is defined to have the same depreciation terms as
depreciation area 01.
This is not (or no longer) possible since the two areas
treat the 'Special depreciation' depreciation type differently.


If you want both areas to have the same depreciation terms, you have to
define the management of Special depreciation the same for both areas in

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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OABS settings might be different for both areas.

when you double click individual area in OBAS, you'll find options there, so those might be different for both areas.


Murali. N

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Many thanks, Murali.  That was it.

I think we have some inconsistencies in our setup, and  I don't really know how they could have been done because SAP doesn't seem to be happy.  32 was set to copy identically from 01 but in OABS 32 is at 'only neg values and zero allowed' while 01 is 'special depr not desired'.

In any case it's fixed.

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This work for

Identical dep. terms not possible in chart of depreciation

Thank you..

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Na mensagem, analisei SPRO >> Depreciações > Depreciações Normais, SPRO >> Depreciações > Depreciações especiais / SPRO >> Depreciações > Depreciações Extraordinários para solucionar a MSG citada.