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ICR process for Open item recon.(003)

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Hi All,

I facing the problem "Although the field ATYPE contains the value V for vendor documents all uploaded data records in table FBICRC003A are posted with the vendor account in the field RCUST " this is one of the symptom in the note 1154899,but even after applying this note 1154899 the issue is not resolved.So in my legacy file am having both vendor and customer in the same file for the legacy company code L001.

I am referring to the structure FBICRC_S_UPLOAD provided by SAP for uploading the data.Please find below is the data format.


L001 U001 1700036235 C CCU001 USD 400

L001 U001 1800000795 V CCU001 USD 300-

Because of this issue, my Vendor record is getting displayed in the U001->L001->Payables area along with the customer record.So this seems to be incorrect, bcoz of the above mentioned problem.

I also debugged the standard class 'CL_FBICRC_SERVICES' and the method 'UPLOAD_DATA'

where the below mentioned lines are causing the problem of copying the vendor data into customer field.

MOVE-CORRESPONDING needs to be clear, but it is not happening in the standard code.

Please let me know the solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Karthik,

Please check and make sure that you also implement note 1270782. You may also simply do a note search with the terms ICR and UPLOAD_DATA to get all corrections for this data transfer method.

Best regards,


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Thanks Ralph for all your timely help.It worked great.