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IBAN for Hungary generates incorect Bank Key and Account Number

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Hello everybody,

i've got a problem concerning IBAN for Hungary.

I have an IBAN account: HU34131000070250304000559788, with swift code: BNPAHUHX

and after generation of the account data with or without bank account number it gives mes this kind a thing:


Bank Key: 0000000017

Account Number: 02503040-00559788

full IBAN is HU000000001702503040-00559788, where it doesnt match the provided.

I cant also chenge the bank key and account since it is maintained automatically.

Best Regards

Laurynas Prikockis

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This means the bank key of that IBAN (HU34131000070250304000559788) is not created in your country.

Please create a new bank key 13100007 in Hungary through transaction code FI01, then try to use this IBAN.

I think, it will allow you.

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I've tryed this, but it says that "Bank keys are assigned internally in country HU"

i'm now trying to change some settings in IMG for Country Specific Checks. I changed the bank key assignment automatical into manual.

are there other ways?