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IBAN and Swift Code not getting transferred to bank for payment

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Hello Experts,

IBAN code is maintained in vendor master bank details and the swift code is also maniatined in bank key. IBAN and Swift codes are also reflected in DME file and status showing transferred but it reaches to bank without the IBAN code.What could be the reason? Has it something to do with the IBAN check box in FBZP, which is unchecked for payment method on country level? Do we have to map these fields in DME engine? Where is the IBAN code fetched from into the DME file? Is there any lateral filteration happening while this file is transferred to the bank for payment? I believe, the IBAN code in the house bank and the one in vendor master are different,rightly. House bank IBAN is of the paying entity and the IBAN in vendor master is specific to the vendor.

Please guide how to map these missing fields in DME engine.

Appreciate an early response.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Partha,

To transfer the IBAN in to the payment file, tick the option "Transfer IBAN"in variant of the program SAPFPAYM or OBPM3 settings.

This works if the vendor master data has IBAN configured.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Partha,

Have you included the DME fields in your DME tree.

fields are FPAYH-ZIBAN (IBAN of Payee)

FPAYHX-UIBAN (IBAN at Housebank).

These fields should be customized in the DME for the values to be picked and considered in DME.

IBAN and Swift code checkbox in Payment Method are Required ONLY if you want them to be mandatory field. If you mark these checkboxes, your Payment run will not be successful, until the IBAN and Swift code values are available. These checkboxes have nothing to do with the values in DME.



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hi ,

You need to check that IBAN  and swift code in Payment method  and  then need to include in DMEE file out .

But once you will ticket those check boss that payment will required Mandatory both IBAn and Swift .

Mant Thanks