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i need to know if there is a standard report in MM regarding the marginal (difference between cost price & selling price) Thanks

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i need to know if there is a standard report in MM regarding the marginal (difference between cost price & selling  price) 


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Usually you can achieve it doing (or checking) customizing options in pricing procedure in SD, because you can populate the fields KZWI1, KZWI2 and so on related with some conditions or subtotals. Cost usually is related with condition VPRS. So, in MM you don't have this options. You can try with tcode VA05 and you can enhance it.

For further information, you can see these notes

SAP Note 1365939 - VPRS logic and Customizing settings in SD

SAP Note 1022966 -  FAQ for the 'Subto' column (KZWIW) in the pricing procedure

SAP Note 155012 - Further subtotal fields in pricing

SAP Note 350068 - Additionl fields in VA05:Customer material number as example

and related notes

I hope this helps you



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Thank you ,

but, i need one report include material, sale price,cost of material and the marginal revenue but i can't find any standard report for this data ,,,,

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For this you need to Go for a Custom report where you can achieve based on your requirement.

Once check the report S_ALR_87012332 which is based on vendor and customer G/L accounts defined in SAP.

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There are typically several selling prices, which are usually determined in the SD module.

If you decide to create a custom report, you should also consider including 'Average Selling price;' based on actual sales; as one of the selling prices to be compared with cost price.

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There are no report like that.

You can get the difference from FBL3N.

Currently one discussion is going on

Please keep in touch in this thread

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you need to check saparate reports for purchase and cost of goods sold.

Purchase report-ME1P

Cost of goods sold-MC+Q