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I just do not very understand..Why inbound ASN would do PGI??

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Inbound Delivery doesnt meas that the Goods should be received into the warehouse? Why matters with the PGI????

I have read an document which describe an Function Module how to processing an Inbound ASN IDOC.

The function module has to carry out the following:

1. GR against the SAP PO

2. Packing for the Delivery Order

3. Update the serial numbers/ Asset Tag ID

4. PGI

Why step 4. PGI also needs to be carried out?????


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pgi need to be carried out to update the stock.If you are delivering if suppose 50 units from your stock out of 150 .The stock need to be updated as 100.

That is the significance of PGI.


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Hi Sail,

Thanks, but i know that is outbound Delivery processing to ship the goods out..

But in my case, they are handling with the inbound ASN processing delivery...It's kind of inbound processing...Should be PGR, why PGI at the end for inbound ASN processing??


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