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I have set re-order level in SAP & now i want to set automatic purchase proposal..?

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Dear Experts

We have set reorder level  for some products and i need this product to automatically create purchase proposal when re-order level is decreased

Thanks & Regards

Rishad kv


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rishad,

As per your description, you need to create a planning run, which will run the MRP for all the products you want. This feature can be accessed in the “Automated Actions” view, under “Supply Planning” work Center.

In order to set an Automatic Run for product planning I suggest you to read the documentation “Planning Runs Quick Guide” available in the system’s help center.

The documentation “Supply Planning” also contains a wealth of information about this process and can guide you to other documentation that can help you in order to set everything up.

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