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i have a doubt in automatic PO creation from PR's, pls guide...

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i will put the steps i know to create a automatic PO.

1. Maintaining the Material Master & Vendor Master with Automatic PO check box selected. MM01, XK01

2. Material Master should maintain with MRP Views, with reorder point, controller.. etc  MM02

3. Maintaining the Source list for a material & for one vendor Check box fix selected. ME01

4. Maintain Info record for the vendor & material ME11

5. Run MRP at plant level for auto PR's MD03

6. Assign & process the PR's at ME57/ME58

7. Creating Automatic PO at ME59N.

Kindly correct me, if i am wrong.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Its looks OK ,just give tax code in info record ME11

Kailas Ugale

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Jagadeesh,

Yes, it is correct. Please check below prerequisites:

You can use ME59N or ME59 to automatic convert PR to PR in mass.

You need to configure below:

-For material master, purchasing view: "Auto Po" indicator need to check.

-For Vendor master,purchasing view" "Auto PO" indicator need to check.

- As this is automatic PO, Valid source of supply need to be there as no manual

assign can be done. You can use a contract as source of supply or fixed vendor and a

fixed pur. org specified in source of supply.

-The requisition must be released.

-If you have third party requisition, make sure it is not ordered before as partial conversion is not


Hope this will help.

ian Wong Loke Foong

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Please check PR subject to release strategy and it has to be released.