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I have a delivery number, I need the direction of the SENDER.

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Hello everybody,

I'm working on a controller for a smartform, which is basically a standard controller (RLE_DELNOTE) with some modifications. I am using a new message class that has been created (very similar to LD00 V2), when in a z report or in transaction VL03N i put a delivery number and print it (Outbound delivery>Issue delivery output), it prints a label that has the 'ship to' address, and needs to have also the 'from' address (the direction from where the package is sent).

I've searched a lot and I still don't know how to get the 'from' address. Knowing only the address number of the sender would be more than enough.

Can somebody help me with this?

Thanks in advance for your help, and sorry if I'm not using the tags very accurately, but I'm very new to sap and I do not know very well the different modules.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Problem solved:

Shipping point was the key word that I needed to solve the problem. Searching in the controller code (it's a modification of the standard controller RLE_DELNOTE) I've found a structure (type LEDLV_DELNOTE) that has another structure (LEDLV_DELNOTE-LEDLV_HD_ORG) that has the field SHIP_POINT_ADR in it, which is the address number.

The table mentioned by Jürgen that relates adress number and shipping point is TVST, but in this case it was not needed.

Thank you for your help Misha and Jürgen!

Best regards,


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Oriol,

What information do you have about the "from" address? Is it a vendor/customer etc?

If it is a vendor you can look into the vendor master table which is LFA1 and fetch the address from there.

If you have the shipping point information as Jurgen said you can use the F1 help and check the table name and look it up in se11.

If you have an address number then you can look into the ADRC table.
Similarly if you have a company code, you can check T001 table and can fetch the address from there.


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If you have no knowledge about the modules why don't you collaborate with the functional consultant for the LE module in your company?

What is the "from address ( the direction from where the package is sent )" that you are looking for?

Usually it is the address of the shipping point that has to do with a delivery. So you find first the table for the shipping point, which is usually pretty straight forward by using F1 field help at the shipping point field and from there technical field help.

Here take the table name and then check the table with either SE11 or SE16N. you find an address number and with that number you hop into the central address management table ADRC.

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Hello Brandon,
My knowledge of SAP is very limited. Actually I only know the abap language, I have literally no idea about sap modules and tables and I only know some basic transactions. I changed the primary tag to logistics execution, I hope it is correct.

Thank you, and best regards.