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I/B Delivery > Post Goods Rcpt > Error M7 226 Update control incorrect

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Hi LEX Friends

I have configured the following scenario:

1. Create Purchase Order type NB for external procurment (ME21N)

2. Create Inbound Delivery from PO (VL31N)

3. Pack Inbound Delivery (VL32N)

4. Post Goods Receipt

After Packing, the status of the Inbound delivery is:

- not relevant for picking/putaway

- packing is completely processed

- not relevant for WM

- not relevant for pick confirmation

- Goods Movement not yet processed.

In VL32N when I now click 'Post Goods Receipt' I get the following error:

Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 101 X X) - Message M7 226

I have checked the configuration and movement type 101 is set for the delivery. (LEX > Shipping > Deliveries > Define Item Categories for Deliveries > define ELN 'Shipping Notificat.')

I have also checked the movement type settings for 101. It all appears SAP Standard and correct. It should find the 101 movement type for "Update control / WM movement types"

(IMG > Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Movement Types > Copy, Change Movement Types > 101 )

I am not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions, LEX gurus?

Kind Regards

Ed Johnson

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ed Johnson,

Could you please check the tables T156SC , T156SY and T156T whether the entries are available correctly.

I request you to provide the error details completely to know which entry is missing in table T1566SC

Kind regards,

ALV Ramana

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Hi Mr Ramana

Please find below full error text:

Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 101 X X)

Message no. M7226


The system could not find entry 101 X X in any of the movement type control tables.


Cancel current processing.

Contact your system administrator.

Action to be taken by the system administrator

Check in Customizing for Inventory Management under Copy, Change Movement Types whether the entry is contained in the Update control view for the movement type.

If the entry is missing, proceed as follows:

For standard movement types, this means that the given process is not supported using the present data combination. Do not create any entries without prior arrangement with your SAP consultant. Otherwise, incorrect postings may result.

For customer-defined movement types (beginning with 9, X, Y, or Z), this may mean that they have not been fully defined. Delete the movement type and re-create it by copying a standard movement type.

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Hi Mr Ramana

I have checked the T156* tables. They seem to be in line with SAP standard.

For some reason the system is looking for a 101 movement type with

Value Update (T156SC-WERTU) = X

Qty Updating (T156SC-MENGU) = 'X'

Movement Indicator (T156SC-KZBEW) = (blank / no entry).

I find the missing movement indicator strange as this field should be filled with 'B' - "Goods movement for Purchase Order"

I have found that I get different errors if I change the configuration to the movement type set in IMG > LEX > Shipping > Deliveries > Define Item Categories for Deliveries > Item Cat = ELN - 'Shipping Notificat.'

Kind Regards

Ed Johnson

Edited by: EJohnson on Mar 19, 2009 5:34 AM

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Gentleman, here is the answer:

The Order Reference field in the Delivery Type configuration needs to be set to "B - Purchase Order Required".

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Deliveries > Define Delivery Types > EL - Shipping Notificat.

Order Reference - Order Required = "B - Purchase Order Required"


Eddy J

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