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hw to assign personnel no?

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Dear friends ,

Im new to HR..

I jus wanna knw hw to assign a personnal no in transaction PA30 ..



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Answers (4)

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personnle number are assigned in feature called NUMKRS

u can do it through PE03

and reema has said everything else

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Personnel number is given to an employee wen he is hired.So,In hiring action u do it.

Define your number ranges(internal/external) in PA04,and then assign them to NUMKR Feature in PE03.

Hope this helps,



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Hi Sakthi,

Personnel Number is not assigned via PA30. Its assigned when you do hiring action using PA40.

Depending on the client requirement, personnel number assignments are made internal or external.

Internal Personnel Number Assignment means that the system automatically populates the next free number in the series.

External number Assignment means that the person who is carrying out hiring action in PA40, assigns the personnel number to the new hire depending on the configuration in NUMKR feature in T-code PE03.

You have to maintain NUMKR feature in PE03 for personnel number assignments and for maintaining the range (the series, incase of external number assignment), you have to go to T-code PA04 here you can display and maintain the intervals.

Also, in PA40,once you select hiring action and execute, you will have 0000 (Actions Ity) where after maintaining mandatory fields like Personnel Area, Employee Group, Employee Subgp, Reason for hiring etc, the system will either assign the personnel no. automatically (if internal number assignment) is maintained or the system will prompt you to give the personnel number depending on the value maintained in NUMKR feature.

Please revert if you have any doubts.



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YOu have to create personnel number using Tcode PA40

goto PA40

select the action HIRE and execute . thesystem will automatically ask the joiining date, and all other valuable information.,

give all the information and save the records consecutively.

NOw automatically system will assign an emp id during this process.