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HUM Issue:

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In LX02, there are few materials lying in storage type 999.

THese are assigned to one HU as as per the Stock available.

But when I go into HUMO give the material & HU no , it says no HU found.

When I give the HU alone, there are lot of HU's coming with the same number but on displaying the HU none of these material are


How do I remove these materials from that HU so that the HU is not shown in LX02/LS26 and repack it into another HU?

I tried doing this by creating TO from 999 to RW1 but on confirmation, system created a destination SU , finally i was not abke to confirm this

Error Message : "Material quantity in source HU is not sufficient for TO item".

Is ther any possibility of moving this HUM to diff HUM.

Also How do I transfer stocks from non-HUM Sloc to HUM Sloc?

Any Pointers on this is highly appreciated.


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Hello Gurus,

Can anyone answer to my question related to HUM?


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I don't understand the first issue. For the second one, you can use HU02 and pack the materials into a HU managed sloc.In destination storage location, eneter the HU-managed storage location. If you use WM, a TO will be created which you hvae to confirm.