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ht - Personnel number

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hi all,

I ve 8 different companies and I m going to define personnel number for each one.

I ve already created 8 different PErsonal areas..but now I don t know how to define the personnel id ? I mean, I d like to have personnel id number "1" for each personal this possible???how??

thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Antonio,

You can have one no. range for each CoCo.

Go to PA04 and create 8 different no. ranges. Ex: Range 1 - 00000000 to 00009999, 2 - 00010000 to on. Take care that the no. ranges do not overlap.

If you want different no. ranges for different CoCos, then using feature NUMKR, you can default no. ranges based on CoCos. In the feature, create the field CoCo and give the range number, 01, 02, etc as the return value for each CoCo respectively. System will automatically generate PERNRs based on the defaulted no. range.

For your requirement, no. ranges based on PAs may not be correct as you want different no. ranges for different co. codes.

Best of luck!


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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id number "1" for each personal this possible?

With the standard system for each personal area you canot generate id number "1"



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Personnel Id No 1 can u elaoborate

Tcode PA04 assign ur number ranges series

and later assign that SNO as a Default Vale to u Personnel Area in NUMKR feature in PE03....

Check and let me know

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