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HRS operation for comparison of year

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Dear Team,


From 2010 year onwards, new rules to be applied for our Compensation Leave. I would like to know using VARSTCURYR = 2010, we can process the new rules. But I would like to check if the year is greater than 2010, new rules to apply.

Currently, I have used VARSTCURYR --> 2010 and it is working fine. But in the next year.......

So, I just wanted a generic solution where we can compare the year which is greater than 2010.

Thanks and Regards

Team Member.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Generic solution in your case would be to use constant from table V_T511K.

For example you set constant ZYEAR like following:

01.01.1900 to 31.12.2009 = 0

01.01.2010 to 31.12.2010 = 1

01.01.2011 to 31.12.9999 = 2

Then using operation HRS=CZYEAR you can read constant and interpret it, e.g. if it's less than 1 then year is less than 2010, if it is equal to 1 then it is year 2010 and if it is more than 1 then year is more than 2010.


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Dear semvladigo

Excellent......and Thanks....


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