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Hi all,

Am new to hr ie abap hr.

Can anyone pls make me clear abt hr,infotypes,report category and actually where do we find report category.

Please also let me know the process for creating a report in hr.

Thanks & regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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What is HR ?

The task of Human Resource Management is to produce the organizational hierarchies, relationship between employees and to allow storage and administration of employee data .

Infotypes: Infotypes are units of information in the Human Resource System. They are used to group data fields together that all relate to the same subject matter. Infotypes structure information, and facilitate data entry and time-dependent data storage. From the user’s perspective, infotypes are data entry screens. From the database perspective, infotypes are a data structure and a set of data records that belong together.

There are several standard infotypes provided by the SAP.

eg. 0000-Action, 0001-Org. Management, 0002-Personal data

IF you are using HR LDB eg. PNP, you can find HR Report category in Attributes of the program.

LDBs gives you standard selection screen. Report Categories are used to customize the selection screen for your program.

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Hi Dharitree,

The way u have explained is so nice thanks a lot.

Can u pls make me more clear as how to create master data ,infty,report category.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Siri,

This link will help you...........

If U need more help , then mail me at

I am having more than 1 year exp in HR-ABAP.

if this link is really help you , then don't forget to give the points.

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For creating Report Category.

In SE38->Attribues ->Assign LDB e.g. PNP to your report->Save.

You can see HR Report Categoy tab with Save tab.

If you want to create a report category click on CREATE button.

click on New Entry.

Give Category name & description.

remove PNPCE check box as we are using PNP LDB.

select other options as per your requiement.

click on Allowable Selection criteria appearing on Left side.

Choose the required fields also check ON FIRST PAGE.


and select report category in MAster data as the one you cretaed.

Save and activate your program.



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Hi Asia,

I agree with Ruben that there is a lot of documentation in SAP Help, but I also suggest a class - HR350 - which is Programming for HR. This introduces the idea of infotypes to programmers not familiar with HR and how data is stored and accessed in HR. Also, there are many macros and function modules to extract specific HR data for reporting. HR also utilizes structures and organizational data. To understand all of this does take the full 5 day class.

There are available non-programmer required tools - SQ01 (SAP Query) and PAAH (Ad Hoc Query) - for creating reports in HR. There is also a class - HR580 - for learning about these tools.

Sorry, but a short forum note is not sufficient to cover all there is to know about reporting in HR. Classes and working with knowledgeable individuals will help.

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I suggest you to check

In you will find almost all the description of HR.