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HR sensitive data in DB copy

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Hi All,

I have a question about HR sensitive data:

I want to use a secure procedure/workflow to use HR data in security mode. I explain it in details:

when I copy the entire DB of my SAP_HR form production to quality for example, I copy alla HR data, senstitive data also.

Is there a standard SAP procudure to cancel these data (ABAP, etc.)?

Is there a dedicated 3party product to make it?

Is possible ti use SAP TDMS?

Is possible to crypto only HR data?



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Davide :

There're several 3rd party tools to copy data down to test system and mask sensitive information while doing this (e.g. InfoShuttle, Arinso tool, Clone and Test (Accenture), ...). We're currently using Clone and Test.

However, as far as I understand, all of these tools are mainly for cloning data down for testing, and masking data while doing this. It doesn't just do masking on existing data. Therefore, if you've a test system that is copied/ built from production system for instance, and you want to mask data (master as well as clusters), you'll have to clone the data from production system using these tools to mask it (overlay data in test system).

As for masking data while copying, 'Clone and Test' allows you to set up masking method (i.e. how you want to translate/convert real info (e.g. ssn, lname, fname, ...) in what fields of which infotypes, or cluster data (e.g. payroll) ).


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Regarding masking sensitive HR data during or after a TDMS data transfer - is the data within the payroll clusters scrambled also or just Master Data? We can write a custom ABAP that scrambles the Master Data, but we are concerned with the data that is stored in the payroll clusters (payroll results) and the tax reporter results.

Has anyone has any experience with this?



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Hi guys,

Is the data scrambling tool now available? Its been nearly a year now since this thread was alive i was wondering as of now theres already a tool for this?

If yes please advise the name and the aprox cost?

Thanks & Regards

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Hi Davide Ivanov,

We had the same situation with one of our client & we had the solution using ABAP.

We run a ZProgram "Mask HR Sensitive data", which masks all required data in the Testing/ Quality system.

You can develop a ZProgram and mask the sensitive data with dummy data, copy the original data to the required source and run the same ZProgram before you deliver to the customer so that they can view only dummy data.

Before you prepare Functional/ Technical Specification document check all data which has to be masked in your business scenario.

NOTE: Don't run this ZProgram in Production system, it will replace all original data with the dummy data.



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TDMS 2006 (currently in ramp-up) is shipped with a scrambling platform allowing customers to implement scrambling routines. For more details:

Regards, Peter Keller

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SAP is currently looking for customers who are interested in working on a TDMS prototype/pilot for such a solution. Please contact for more details.

Regards, Peter

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At a recent SAP TDMS presentation the developer told us that encryption of transactional data was being developed but not yet available.

In the interim, we use a tool called Arinso to extract selected HR records from production for testing and error investigation. This tool does, apparently, offer some encryption capability but has a practical limit on the number of records which can be extracted in a given run.

Murray Nicholas