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HR : SAP Upgrade from 4.6c to ERP2005

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Hello experts,

I am new to the SAP HR environment. The first project that has been assigned to me is an upgrade project ( version 4.6c to ERP2005). I will be responsible for the HR module. However, I have no idea as to from where to start and how to proceed.

Can someone please help me out on this? Any suggestions, documents that might be useful are welcome.

Your help will be highly appreciated.


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Speak to the existing support team and obtain any testing documentation that they have when they apply the support test packs.

An upgrade is about testing, testing testing and of course testing. If the support team don't have any regression test dcumentation then find out what the business processes are.

Hire an Employee

Emp leaving

mat leave

Pay increases etc.



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Thanks J,

The information that i could gather for the time is it's majorly going to be a ESS upgrade for an US company affecting the following areas-

  • Benefits

  • Personal Information


*Payroll Information

Is there any way to determine what ERP2005 has extra to provide in addition to whats already there in 4.6C?

Many Thanks.

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When we did our upgrade to ECC6.0 from 4.6 we didn't include additional functionality at that point in time due to the increased risk.

Even if you are including new functionality you are still going to need to test the rest of the system to ensure that nothing else has changed.

Every single HR process was retested - payroll paralell run twice and the results check against the production system as changes had to be made to the payroll schema to ensure that the system continued working.

All bespoke HR report had to be tested through the various stages. Unit System UAT & regression as the introduction of Unicode ment that some of the programs no longer works.

Just think of the core project as being LCP packages being applied but on a bigger scale.


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