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HR Renewals doesnt fetch Communication (IT105) details in Personal Info

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Hi All,

We are facing a really strange problem with HR Renewals feature pack 4 being accessed from NWBC for HTML on ECC 6 EHP6.

We activated the business functions HCM_MSS_WDA_1 & HCM_MSS_WDA_2. Other than this there is no other configuration was done on the system yet which means that every thing is pretty much SAP Standard as of now. When we accessed the ESS Personal Information application every thing looks good except the Communication Details biz card (infotype 105 ). The system is not fetching the details from the personnel record for this specific info type only. data from other info types is being retrieved as it should be.

I suspect this may be due to a bug (because every thing as of now is SAP standard config because no config change was made yet)

Also, the "Add" button for this biz card Communication (info type 105) is missing. I checked the default FPM config of the overview screen and the toolbar element is missing for this UIBB.

Am i missing someiihng?

Please advice

thanks in advance,


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Check the post

Additionally check if you have specified the subtype correctly in the config parameters of both overview and detail screen + settings in V_T7XSSPERSUBTY