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HR Configuration Document

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Hi SAP Gurus,

Can you send me SAP HR Configuration document, which I need to format my document which is on process and so on.

Certainly Useful documents would be rewarded at the fullest.

Thanks in advance,

Vinoth Kumar.R

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Answers (2)

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i can just help u out with a part of preparation of configaration document based on that u can prepare the rest....

1.1. Maintain Plan Versions

1.1.1. Functional Component Definition

Plan versions required in the enterprise are set up in this setting. Plan versions offer the possibility to administer several plans parallel in the system. As a rule, one plan version contains an overview of your enterprise's organizational plan.

Evaluations (reports) are always concerned with one plan version. For this reason, it is not advisable to create own plan version for each component of Personnel Planning and Development (Organizational Management, Personnel Development, Personnel Cost Planning and Training and Event Management).

Only one plan version is ever active. This is the integrated plan version, which is considered in the case of integration with Personnel Administration.

1.1.2. Implementation Guide Menu Path & Transaction code

Path: Tools  Business Engineer  Customising  Project IMG  Personnel Management  Global Settings for Personnel Management  Maintain Plan Versions Transaction Code: OOPV

1.1.3. How will SAP meet the business/process requirements

Plan version 01 Current Plan will be used and will be active and current. Create new plan versions for copying the existing current and active plan into the new plan version. The new plan version will be used for carrying out the scenario modelling. Scenario modelling will not be carried out in active and current plan version.

1.1.4. Agreement criteria/protocol for cross-module integration requirements


1.1.5. Issues raised

SI. No. Description of issue Owner Resolution date

Reward if helpful., come back with any quary



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Thanks Asha for your valuable inputs, but those ae very much generic global settings in SAP Personnel Managent. See I am Preparing my Configuration document for my Project here, as i am starting fresh, if there is a model complete Configuration document scripted for some of the projects, it would be helpful for me to verify the content and as well as the format of it.

So can you please forward some of the Complete configuration documents which covers all most all sub modules of HR Module.

I would appreciate and reward the fullest.


Vinoth Kumar.R

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on which topic you need documents