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HR ABAP: table/infotype relationships

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Hi HR Experts!

I'm experienced in doing ABAP programming for all the rest of the modules, but with ABAP HR, I am new and doing one for the first time. I need your help regarding how to find tables/infotypes and relationships to each other.

Specific work example/scenario:

From selection criteria of requisition information, I am supposed to have an output report with application and candidacy information.

1.) How can I relate Infotype 5125 with info type 5132 and 5102?

I am more comfortable with select statements hence I prefer explanation using the transparent tables HRP5125, HRP5132, etc.

2.) How can I make use of the table HRP1001 to establish relationships between different tables/infotypes of HR?

Also, kindly send any links and documents that can give an at-a-glance summary of what I can use when doing ABAP for HR for the first time.

Thanks for your help and expertise and may God bless us all!


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well you are talking about E-Recruiting infotypes. This is not HR, although those infotypes are technical PD infotypes.

In E-Recruiting no logical databases are defined.

In E-Recruiting you shall not think about tables. First keep in mind, that you have object types (NA, NB....)

You will find them in the field otype in each table.

Each object is defined in HRP1000. Relations between other objects are defined in HRP1001.

Every detail is defined in HRP51* infotypes, but each infotype is mostly restricted to one or more object types.

Take a look at SAP help to get an overview of the e-recruiting data model.


Then take a look at CL_HRRCF_INFOTYPE and CL_HRRCF_SIMPLE_MAIN_OBJECT. Each infotype access class inherits CL_HRRCF_INFOTYPE.

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Hi, Sebastian. Thanks for your response.

Could you pls. give me sample ABAP code using the classes/methods you mentioned above?

I really appreciate your help.

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In HR you will provide data from infotypes by using logical databases instead of SELECT...

Use PNPCE for PA data and PCH for OM data.

see help there.