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How was this valuation calculated for the material?

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We have a material with material type: HIBE. As per SPRO config, there are 2 valuation types for it: AVAILABLE and UNSRVCEABL.

We found that there is a gap in the value calculated for the material as per MCBA and MB5L.

In MB5L, the values are different depending on whether "Valuation Area Level only" is ticked (862.04) or not (904.72). MCBA gives 862.04. The screenshots are attached (please use Word to open the attachment).

Please advise why there would be a gap. The MBEW table screenshot is given below - it's also perplexing, how would have the blank valuation type been calculated?

Any pointers on this would be appreciated.


Gaurav Sharma

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First Check OX14 is the T-code for that. Here you define the valutaion level .

MB5L execute report by entering valuation area, Do not enter company code in the screen of MB5L

MB5L won't lock material/plant during execution.

It means if during MB5L run, there's material posting, the result might be incorrect which doesn't reflect the real MM/FI difference.

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Hi Rashi,

Our Valuation Area is Plant.

This time I ran MB5L without the CoCd. Outputs are same as I have posted in my first message.

Moreover, I have run these reports multiple times over the past few days. A material doc being posted while running them can't explain the same difference occuring between MB5L and MCBA over the past few days.


Gaurav Sharma

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In your MBEW screenshot is a negative moving average price of 14,22 in the last field on the right for the header valuation record.

The difference between the total value of all valuation type levels and the total value at header level is  904,72 - 862,04 = 42,68

and 42,68 / 3 = 14,22..

I actually never saw a negative moving average in MBEW table.

Can you give some more input. Are you working in a special industry solution?

Can you post a screenshot from S_P00_07000139 transaction to see the development of values over the last months

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I doubt someone has modified the table MBEW.

The line item (which is blank valuation type) will always contain the total stock and the total value with regards to sum of all valuation types.

I have tested that scenario and my line item is calculating correctly.

You can see the total value for upper line item is sum of other line items. But in your case, it is different.

As of my knowledge, it can be possible if someone will change the line item manually by hard table update.