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how values are coming in qbew table

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hi sap experts,

my Project Stock Does not Valuated With Standard Cost , i search and understand that value of LBWST(current valuation strategy) field in QBEW table is 2( Value from Production Order Cost Estimate) , now i want to know where can i define this field,how can i change it to 3.

check  PRPS-KZBWS and see its value is m. 

know i want to know  how values are coming in qbew table? what can i do that the value of QBEW-LBWST be 3. what can i do that When the QBEW segment is initially created the price be the same that we have in MBEW?

thanks for your helps.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mahdieh,

Please refer Knowledge base article 15998 - Valuation of a Goods Movement when Special Stock E or Q is involved. It will provide you details about sales and project stock valuation.

In the WBS Element the valuation indicator PRPS-KZBWS has the value 'M', so the

special stock segment assigned to this WBS Element has also been created with

MSSQ-KZBWS = M and the corresponding entry in the valuation table QBEW exists.

The 'Val. Strat. for Current Plan Price, Sales Order/Proj. Stock' data field

LBWST in valuation tables EBEW and QBEW contains a strategy with which the price

was determined.

When you implement OSS note 871925 - CKMM: Enhancement for special stocks , you can change the special stocks from price determination control 3 to price determination control 2.

Also refer SAP help link Standard Price with Valuated Sales Order Stocks - Cost Object Controlling (CO-PC-OBJ) - SAP Library



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hi rupesh and thanks for your reply.

it was so helpful,thanks.

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Hi Brahmankar,

I have an issue about QBEWH table.

Assume my material is called X and my WBS element is called Y.

The first entry for "X" Material and "Y" WBS Element combination in QBEWH table belongs to 2019 / 12.

But there is no movement for this X material & Y WBS element combination in MB51 report at this time (or even 2019 and 2020).

What triggers the first record in QBEWH and what determines the QBEWH-STPRS (Standart Price) ?

Any kind of help will be appreciable.

Thank you.

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